A Message From Paul

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A Message From Paul
Release date January 20, 2010
Source Paul Frommer
Link: 1
1 Ayeylanur oeyä eylanur lì'fyayä leNa'vi nìwotx: To all my friends and friends of the Na'vi language: 1
2 Oel ayngati kameie, ma oeyä eylan, ulte ayngaru seiyi irayo. I See you, my friends, and I thank you. 2
3 Fpole' ayngal oer fìtxan nìftxavang a 'upxaret stolawm oel. I have heard the message you have sent me so passionately. 3
4 Lì'fyari leNa'vi oel 'efu ayngeyä tìyawnit I feel your love for the Na'vi language. 4
5 Ulte omum oel futa tìfyawìtxuri oeyä perey aynga nìwotx. And I know you are all waiting for my guidance. 5
6 Spivaw oeti rutxe, ma oeyä eylan: oe new nìtxan ayngaru fyawivìntxu. Please believe me, my friends: I want very much to guide you. 6
7 Slä nìawnomum, zene oe 'awsiteng tìkangkem sivi fohu a Uniltìrantokxit kifkeyit Eywa'evengä zamolunge awngar. But as you know, I must work together with those who have brought us "Avatar" and the world of Pandora. 7
8 Foru 'upxaret oel fpole', slä vay set ke pamähängem kea tì'eyng. I have sent them a message, but up to now no answer has arrived. 8
9 Nìaynga oe perey nìteng. Like you, I too am waiting. 9
10 Tì'eyngit oel tolel a krr krr, ayngaru payeng, When I receive an answer, I will let you know, 10
11 tsakrr paye'un sweya fya'ot a zamivunge oel ayngaru aylì'ut horentisì lì'fyayä leNa'vi. and I will then decide the best way to bring you the words and rules of Na'vi. 11
12 Sìlpey oe, layu oeru ye'rìn sìltsana fmawn a tsun oe ayngaru tivìng. I hope I will soon have good news to give you. 12
13 aylì'ufa awngeyä 'eylanä a'ewan Markusì ta Ngalwey In the words of our young friend Markus from Galway … 13
14 'Ivong Na'vi! Let Na'vi bloom!
15 Kìyevame ulte Eywa ngahu. Goodbye for now, and may Eywa be with you.
16 Ta 'eylan karyusì ayngeyä, Pawl. Your friend and teacher, Paul.