Listening Comprehension 1

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Listening Comprehension 1
Release date July 25, 2010
Source Naviteri
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Here's a little two-minute listening comprehension exercise for intermediate and advanced learners that I hope will be fun.

You can use it any way you like, but I'd suggest the following:

First, review the recent vocabulary. Some of the newer terms appear in the passage.

Then listen to the narrative all the way through without stopping, and do that several times. Your goal is simply to follow the gist of the story. It's likely you won't get everything, and that's perfectly OK—the important thing is to understand as much as you can without analysis. Try to avoid translating the passage—do your best to put your own language out of your mind. Just see and feel as much as you can of the story in your head.

After that, if you want to jot down a few things to look up or transcribe anything that's puzzling for later analysis, that's OK. Just don't begin that way.

By the way, there are a couple of new words here (based on ones you already know) and also a new idiom. You should be able to understand all of these from the context.

Sivunu ayngar fìtskxekengtsyìp! Have fun!

P.S.—Continued thanks for all the comments. I owe a lot of people replies, which I'll try to get to soon.